Industrea Shares – Profitable?

Towards the end of July 2017, many people were wondering about the forthcoming Initial Public Offering of the Acquisition Corp, Industrea and wondering whether Industrea shares would turn out to be a profitable investment. By the first of August, it was announced Industrea was closing this IPO of 23 million units. The figure was itself a useful indicator of how the IPO had panned out, as it included the 3 million shares issued by the underwriters from their over-allotment option. As Industrea shares were priced at 10 dollars per unit then it can be seen by simple arithmetic that the gross proceeds of the option consisted of 230 million dollars. Does this indicate a bright and profitable future for shares in this company? Is it possible for to glean further information about such prospects from an inspection of the company itself? This second question is the one likely to receive a positive answer from the thoughtful analyst since the future behaviour of Industrea will, by definition control the future performance of the company’s stock in the markets of the world. What exactly then is Industrea Acquisition Corp, what does it do and what are its stated intentions for the future. It is in pondering such questions as these where we will discover the answer to the question posed in the title of this article. So let us consult our database and see if we can into the figurative crystal ball to see what the literal future holds for Industrea Acquisition Corp.

As its name suggests Industrea is an acquisition corp, created for the specific purpose of embarking upon stock purchases, mergers or other business combinations with other businesses. It was formed by Industrea Alexandria, which is itself a portfolio company of Argand Partners. So much for the basic background to the business, and while it is interesting in its own right, it will not tell us itself whether Industrea shares will be profitable or not. Clearly, we will discover our answer to this second and more important question when we consider just what sorts of mergers, combinations or purchases Industrea will be most likely to join in the future. Here we have the evidence of the company itself, which has stated that while it does not rule out entering into a combination with a concern in any sector, it does intend to concentrate on the manufacturing sector itself, or those service companies which principally cater to the manufacturing sector. It will be therefore in the nature of these business combinations and in the performance of the larger manufacturing sector where the future is decided for Industrea shares. This sounds definite enough but of course, the company will never be operating in a vacuum and those who are interested in a future investment in Industrea will have to interest themselves in the performance and general prospects of the concerns with which they merge or all themselves in the future.

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