Saxo Markets Review

Saxo Markets (also known as Saxo Bank) have moved fast in order to become one of the leading names in the world of CFD trading. They’re an international investment bank, which is committed to offering a vast range of product options and have access to a worldwide selection of global markets. Through their reliable infrastructure users can trade everything, including Forex, stocks, shares, ETFs, options, futures contracts and most importantly CFDs.


Trading Platforms

Saxo Markets trading platform is what has brought them success, as it has won various industry awards. It places a heavy focus on using the latest technology; this is in order to maintain both trading security and trading efficiency. Saxo Markets uses their very own in-house platform known simply as Saxo Trader 2.5. Not unlike other forms of trading software in can be downloaded in its full form for use on a PC/Mac, used from a web browser or within a mobile application. The app version of the platform means that users can access trading markets from any handheld device, including most mobile devices and tablets.

Saxo Trader 2.5 in its station form offers a fully customisable trading experience, with users being able tailor on screen data to their specific needs. With the likes of economic calendars, charting tools and live feeds all available, making it a platform that is optimised for technical traders.


Account Types


Saxo Markets offer three different types of trading account, all of which differ in size and stature.


  • Classic Account (£5,000 minimum deposit) – Saxo Markets starter offering that provides clients with full access to the vast range of financial products.


  • Premium Account (£60,000 minimum deposit) – Furthering what the Saxo Markets Classic Account offers, Premium Account holders will be given direct access to not only sub accounts, varying base currencies, equity research modules but also a personal account executive.


  • Platinum Account (£300,000 minimum deposit) – Specifically created for those who are well versed and knowledgeable in CFD trading. It features all that the Classic and Premium Accounts offer along with a dedicated senior account executive, FX options and invitations to exclusive Saxo Markets


Commissions and Spreads

Saxo Markets operate under a staggered commission setup, which varies regularly depending on the type of account you opt for. Due to the decree of the setup, potential users are encouraged to speak to a customer service advisor in order to gain more information. It should also be noted that Saxo Markets operate as if it is a true ECN.



Saxo Markets are a reputable name in the world of CFD trading, offering clients a wide variety of features that allow for a fully customisable trading experience. When you choose Saxo Markets you know that you are using a reliable trading platform in Saxo Trader 2.5, along with variable spreads that help keep a traders expenses low.



What holds Saxo Markets back is the unpredictable nature of their spreads during news announcements, as figures can swing wildly. It should also be noted that American based traders are no longer allowed to trade via Saxo Markets.